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Host & Translator & Catering Services

You can get many services such as Fair Stand Hostess, Service and Catering Hostess, Translator Hostess Translation and Interpreting Services, Translation Booth Installation, Fair Catering, Fair Equipment Rental as a package.
You can have a productive fair and congress with our strong human relations, presentable and friendly staff.

Servise hazır

We make your invitations and fair stands different with special presentations, different flavors and our friendly team.

The "Finger Food Cocktail" and "Cocktail" catering menus will leave unforgettable tastes on your palate, with different and delicious presentations created by our chefs inspired by world cuisines.

Get ready for an unforgettable flavor feast for your customers, employees and visitors...


Fair interpreter; is the translator appointed to provide translations at fair events created with the aim of developing trade and existing in new market areas. Fairs are of great importance as they provide the participants with the opportunity to present information about services and products. Customer-company relations can be carried out directly with fairs. When examined in general, these events, which are held at certain intervals, ensure the interaction of all separate organizations in a single sector.


Fair Hostess, working in events such as international congresses, symposiums and fairs; They are the people who promote the services or products of the brands. Fair Hostesses, who generally work in agencies specializing in fairs, serve in different categories according to their fields of expertise.

  • Welcoming incoming customers and directing them to company officials,

  • Preparing and presenting fair treats,

  • Editing brochures

  • To promote products, services or projects,

  • To comply with obligations such as uniform clothing,

  • Kkeeping track of visitors,

  • Establishing and arranging the exhibition stand.


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