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HD Exhibition


HD Group Company is a Group Company based in Turkey. Our company has been giving stand design and construction services with it's own workshops and solution partners for over ten years.

Global Stand and Fair Services
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Our Workshops







HD Exhibition can provide Stand and Fair Services to our customers in any of the countries in the Asian and European Markets, especially in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, Iran and Russia.



Kuala Lumpur


Booth Design

Get your unique design with offer request.
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Stand Construction

Get perfect results with professional team.
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Host & Catering Services

Get host, translator and catering services during exhibition.


Booth Design: Get your unique design with offer request.

We will talk to you about the planning of your stands by our experienced and professional team. We organize and produce your stand projects and details in line with your demands. Then, when the installation day comes, we go to the area, assemble and set up your stand. After the Event, Fair or Organization is over, we disassemble the stand we set up.

Services Provided With Our Solution Partners


Vinyl printing, which is one of the most indispensable products of the outdoor advertising industry, is actually a type of printing used on the basis of PVC. Vinyl printing, which is in high demand due to its features, is mostly preferred because it is flexible and durable. Adhesive vinyl printing is also one of the reasons for preference. The digital printing type, which is visually striking, is frequently preferred in outdoor advertising thanks to its luminous vinyl printing feature. Vinyl printing made in desired sizes is suitable for use in various areas such as banners, banners, posters, billboards.


Hundreds of promotional items such as notepads, postit, calendar, pens, lighters, printed t-shorts, scarves, key chains, usb sticks, coasters, auto fragrance, cologne wipes, table and wall clocks, mugs, plaques, umbrellas, raincoats for fair promotions is prepared in a short time.


Together with our solution partners, we offer Digital Printing Posters, Vinyl Printing, Fabric Printing, Roll-Up, Pop-Up and other solutions for visual communication. We provide the fastest and most practical solution by keeping our workshop open 24/7 for incorrect prints that may occur due to incorrect images from our customers. Our customers experience the greatest privilege of this while applying digital prints after your stand is set up at fairs and events. In the smallest mistakes that may occur during the application, regardless of time, our digital printing workshop reprints the image as quickly as possible and re-applies it to your stand.


We have host, hostess and staff who can provide simultaneous translation services in various languages. All of our interpreter services include a customized engagement model and a personalized service.


İster meyve sepeti, ister patates kızartması, ister sıcak büfe; Catering çözüm ortaklarımız, her boyuttaki mutfak lezzetlerini doğrudan standınıza sunacak.


We offer you the most effective, fastest and easiest solutions with the shortest explanation. It doesn't matter what your field of activity is, if you are a commercial enterprise, you will definitely need advertising materials. Today, where your market is globalized with free customs agreements, internet, television and other communication arguments, no institution aims to be away from these opportunities.


In your institution or in your individual work; You can contact us via e-mail/ if you want to get an idea about any issue that you have in mind about the areas we serve, that you want to learn, that you are undecided about, or if you want to learn about our solution possibilities. Do not worry that you will be answered as soon as possible. We only plan to communicate better with you.


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